Marriage Counseling

marriage counseling

If you are thinking about going for marriage counseling you will want it to be successful. The question is what makes counseling successful? Has it worked for other couples? Or is it really not worth it? Many factors play a role in making this successful, from the couple to the quality of the service they use.


How other couples in Nanaimo cope with marriage counseling?


Not knowing what to expect is perhaps one of the most daunting parts of any endeavor. When something is on the line then it is even worse. The fact remains that many couples go for marriage counseling and you will be able to find out from them what to expect. So where do you find these couples? You may be able to find them on forums where this counseling is discussed. Additionally the service you want to use may provide you with testimonials or a means of contacting people who they have helped.


Another means of finding out what to expect is to talk to a counselor. A first meeting where you find out what they will do is always a good idea. If you feel this is a bit odd then you could just call or email them any questions you have.


How the counseling service can affect results?


It is best to know that not all couples who go to a counseling service get all their problems solved. There are times when not even counseling can help. Of course the type of service you are using will also play a role.


Everyone is different and they will react to counseling in different ways. Some variables that can affect result will include:


  • The motivation of the people. Some people go for counseling because they want to resolve their problems. Often one partner goes because the other has decided that they need to. Any negative attitude toward the therapy will be detrimental.
  • The counselor is very important. If the counselor does not grasp your problems or have any constructive means for you to work out your problems it is likely that the results will be bad. A good counselor should be able to identify with both partners and help them find a middle ground.
  • Some people are just bad at talking. If your partner bottles things up then you need to give them time before counseling helps. Do not force anyone when it comes to this process. Some people can talk about their feelings while others have a reason for not wanting to.


There are a lot of couples who go for marriage counseling. Some of these couples will have success while others will not. There are many factors behind each result and they range from the quality of counseling service to the couple. Finding out how others have done with counseling is a good way to settle any nerves you may have about the process. Don’t be afraid to ask others about their experience and what they found helpful. Of course you will need to remember that they are different to you.